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If you or your close ones have suffered an accident or an illness which was someone else's fault, choose our fully qualified lawyers and legal consultants of our Firm, to manage your claim. Personal injury claims involve expert knowledge of the law, your legal rights and the legal process and funding, including. You have found us because you're looking for legal experts in personal injury claims, who will achieve the best outcome. If you think your claim has been under settled or lost through mishandling contact us immediately. Our Personal Injury team has extensive experience of handling all types of compensation claims.

Our Firm deals with personal injury including, but not limited to,

Vehicle Accidents: Injuries from a collision with the vehicle of another driver (under the influence of alcohol, negligent driving, hit and run etc.). Accidents caused offen by road conditions or by Negligent driving. Sometimes intrinsic defects caused by car manufacturers.

Medical Malpractice: Injuries due to negligence or mistakes of medical professionals such as misdiagnosis, non - diagnosis, surgeries performed by practitioners lacking the necessary expertise, surgeries performed where not required, infections resulting from hospital equipment or hospital conditions and more.

Slip & Fall Injuries: which take place in facilities owned by a third party not properly maintained for accepting visitors.

Work Accidents: Injuries occurred during employment due to an unsafe work system, inadequate training or other factors. Construction Accidents: Injuries that take place in hazardous construction sites in Cyprus.

Wrongful death: Sometimes death occurred due a serious injury. So wrongful death is a claim in common law jurisdictions against a person who can be held liable for a death. The claim is brought in a civil action, usually by close relatives, as enumerated by statute.

How we manage your personal injury claim? We offer a FREE initial consultation to discuss your personal injury claim. You will know exactly who is handling your claim. Our fully qualified lawyers will be responsible for your claim. We offer detailed investigation of all options for funding your accident claim and damages based agreements. After we have considered all available methods of funding, we provide you with comprehensive advice about the best way for you to proceed.

We can travel to see you at home or in hospital.

We give our advice in simple and comprehensive approach.

We realise the worries injuries can cause and always try to take that stress away.

You will be given a direct dial number – you deal with us personally, not a call centre. Like many organisations we can manage your claim by post, telephone, email or text if required, but we also meet our clients face to face.

Why to choose us?

  • You are being advised by personal injury claims experts.
  • You deal with us direct, not through a 'middle man' and we guarantee not to sell any of your details.
  • We treat all our clients equally and try our hardest for you all – whether you recover in a few weeks or have suffered catastrophic injuries which will affect you for life.
  • We enjoy helping our clients to take on insurers with their vast financial resources.
  • We find the best method of funding for you, including free initial consultation
  • We work at your pace – whether you want to try and settle your claim quickly; or take your time because of continuing problems with your injuries.

If you or your close ones had an accident, don't lose any time and contact immediately with our Firm for a free assessment of your personal injury case. If you are unable to visit us at our office we may arrange for a home or hospital visit. We do not charge for the initial consultation. The decision of whether you wish to proceed is entirely yours. We will advise as to the merits of your case, the chances of success and the amount you may expect as compensation.


For more information please contact us at +357 22 251726, +357 22 011431 or email us with your questions.


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