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Public procurement law regulates the purchasing by public sector bodies and certain utility sector bodies of contracts for goods, works or services. The law is designed to open up the EU's public procurement market to competition, to prevent "buy national" policies and to promote the free movement of goods and services.

The legislation that apply regarding governing public procurement contracts in the Republic of Cyprus is "The Coordination of Procedures for the Award of Public Works Contracts, Public Supply Contracts and Public Service Contracts and for Related Matters Law, 2006".

The setting-up or design or definition of a public project is closely linked with public procurement. If a public body aims to implement a particular project, e.g. to build a school, to rehabilitate a road, to equip governmental departments with computers, software, to deliver IT training, etc. it will have to purchase works, supplies or services correspondingly.

The term Public Procurement includes all stages of the process of acquiring goods, services or works, involving the use of public money to accomplish specified public purposes, beginning with the identification of a need and ending with the completion of a contract and the disposal of the asset. Public procurement involves more than just purchasing by Contracting Authorities (which are obliged to follow the Laws 11(I)/2006 and 12(I)/2006 of public procurement) from suppliers using defined procurement methods.

Our Firm provides a comprehensive range of legal support services in the field of national and international public procurement. We provide a range of advisory services in the public procurement process covering all aspects of public procurement law vis-à-vis the law on public services.

Advisory services to companies in public procurement processes

  • Legal and strategic support throughout the public procurement process
  • Inspection of hiring documents
  • Preparation of letters of complaint
  • Support in contractual negotiations
  • Advice on drafting quotations, particularly with regard to the evaluation criteria specified by the principal


 Legal protection

  • Representation at the Tenders Review Authority
  • Representation at courts of law


There are many costly pitfalls if you don't take the time to understand the provisions in your contract, which often reference areas of the Cyprus Legislation and Regulations. Our Firm can help you to overcome the costly mistakes

Have it in mind that the phase of preparation of the tender documents is extremely important, as it determines the terms of the tender procedure, as well as the terms for execution of the contract . Our Firm can guide to you to the correct way of doing it, aiming to a success result.


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