When Sensitive and Delicate Matters Arise, We Are Here For You!

Our Firm offers a professional and modern approach to the problems of legal separation and divorce along with a bespoke service which specialises in family law and its associated areas.

We put client care at the top of our priorities and provide friendly and positive advice in a relaxing environment, having in mind that we deal with sensitive and delicate matters that arise from the breakdown of the marital relationship.

We are here to help you to make preparations for the future and to support you during life's challenges. We specialize in family law matter and we undertake, inter alia, the following cases:

• Divorce / Dissolution of Marriage Cases

• Child Custody Issues and Children Visitation Arrangements

• Spouse Support

• Child Support

• Matrimonial Property Disputes

• Protective Measures for Dealing Effectively With Domestic Violence

• Implementation of Alimony, Custody or other Matrimonial Court Orders

• International Child Abduction Cases

• Adoption Procedures

Our Firm doesnt charge for the initial consultation. The decision of whether you wish to proceed is entirely yours. We will advise as to the various options you have under the Cypriot Family Law, the chances of success and what you should expect with regards to your case.


Legal Aid in Family Law

Legal Aid is available to all persons, resident or non-resident in Cyprus provided they pass a certain criteria. If an individual or family is unable to cover legal assistance and costs, due to low or no financial income, or paying for legal assistance and costs will put themselves or their family in danger without basic human needs, Legal Aid can be sought.

Legal Aid is primarily used in regards to Criminal Law, Family Law and Civil and Criminal cases in breach of human rights.

Legal Aid will cover Lawyers Services and Court procedures including any Appeals. If Legal Aid is denied, an appeal can be made against the decision.

Our Firm is offering their services within the Legal Aid sector will be provided and it is up to the individual to chooses one of our Attorneys to handle his/her case.

The person claiming Legal Aid will need to provide all their financial information and if or once Legal Aid has been granted, a certificate will be issued stating free Legal Aid has been awarded to the named person.

If however, your financial situation changes and more finance is available to you, your rights to Free Legal Aid will be withdrawn and you will be liable for fees and costs.

We are established in all areas of law and we can assist you in any matter that should arise and also help you obtain Legal Aid should your circumstances permit this course of action.


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