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Our Office cooperates with the best professionals in their field, providing to our clients a complete package of services, to satisfy their needs.

Accounting services & Audit services

We provide a broad range of related associated services including Accounting services, Audit services, corporate tax planning and VAT advisory, financial planning, banking support, escrow and trusteeship services.

The broad range of services provided by our trusted and professional associates in the their field, with the collaboration and support of our Firm, complemented by the role of Cyprus as an international business center, having the advantage of being an EU member state and a crossroad with the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Asia. For more information please visit the Corporate Servicessection of our website.

Legal Document Preparation

Beside the preparation of corporate documentation, our Firm has a vast experience of legal documents, forms and letters service according to your needs, such as:

  • Warning Letters
  • Power of Attorneys (Durable or Limited)
  • Rental Agreements
  • Business Agreements
  • Employment Contracts
  • Corporate Formalities
  • Banking & Collections Agreements & Forms
  • Partnerships and Joint Venture Agreements
  • Real Estate Contracting
  • Promisory Notes
  • Trust Agreements
  • Non Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements
  • Non Liable Agreements
  • Donation Agreements
  • Any custom Made Agreements According to your Needs

Governmental Procedures

Dealing with govermental bureaucracy can be irritating and some times devastating for your business plans. Our Firm can assist you and support you for any govermental procedure that is necessary to grant permisions or aprovals for your buissines or personal interests. We know what Government Agencies do, why they do it and what they request for that, in order to achieve your goals.

Iso & Quality management

Our Firm is collaborates with the Center of Business Excellence, one of the best consultancy firm in Cyprus for the design and implementation of Quality Management System( ISO 9001:2008), Environmental Management System ( ISO 14001:2004 ) and Health and Safety management system (OHSAS 18001:2008). Also they can help you identify the various EU and Government funding schemes available to you and assist you writing your funding proposal and complete the application process.



For more information please contact us at +357 22 251726, +357 22 011431 or email us with your questions.


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